"Too often the opportunity to make art is available only to those with privileged educations and ample leisure time. I teach art workshops to underserved rural women in Jordan to show them that they, like people from all backgrounds, can have a creative voice and can excercise critical thinking. There is also a need in all our daily lives to gather with other people away from our regular work. I have found over the years that creative group art projects are empowering and joyful. At our art and craft project in Jordan we also sell our work to help with family expenses.

I also teach drawing and painting in the United States to children and teens, many of whom struggle in various ways with the world around them but who find connection and focus in making art. I teach children the skills to observe their environments and to process their thoughts. I believe in teaching a process as well as a product oriented approach. The children aquire an artistic vocabulary based on observation as well as the experience of making something beautiful to feel proud of." - Jean Bradbury

You can read about Jean's work in Jordan teaching art and design workshops to the Safi farm women's collective at www.saficrafts.blogspot.com or like the Facebook page. To read about Jean's work bringing creative educational opportunities to Syrian refugees you can visit www.studiosyria.org.

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